Quick link for what to do in a crisis - for yourself or others. Rethink (UK charity) have a great and wide ranging set of factsheets about mental health - as do Time to Change.

Sense about Science do a lot of great work with communicating scientific evidence effectively and helping the public understand use science to help in everyday life.

If you're interested in getting involved in research as a study participant (in London), visit our local Biomedical Research Centre page or see our Centre for Affective Disorders page. More widely, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) pages link to various research opportunities.

There are other ways that anyone can contribute to research - see this initiative which aims to include patients and other members of the public in the design, monitoring and communicating of research.

MQ are a new charity committed to raise funds for important mental research (similar to Cancer Research-type charities) and also ensure that research addresses real life problems or areas that people who suffer with mental health difficulties feel are important 


These are, of course, just a miniscule proportion of many fantastic resources relating to mental health and/or research that are out there....